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Music lessons are a unique learning experience that coordinates one's mind, body and spirit....voice, hands, fingers and experience in human totality with a lifelong impact!

Children who take music lessons and excel in an instrument do better in school...and life! Exercising the mind results in higher achievement across the board.

Music lessons will also had value to your lifelong experience for musical listening pleasure!

Adults who take music lessons find dramatic improvement with their cognitive skills...and memory!

And...those who study music enjoy increased confidence, enhanced speaking skills as well as demonstrated leadership qualities!

Taking music lessons is a well as taking them with us! Let me tell you why:

My name is Sandra Tiwari. I opened my first music school when I was 12 years old! I am a high achiever from New York! I home-schooled my 3 children and led them into careers in the Arts. Today 2 of my children work with me in our family business: Music Orlando!

To begin with, we love what we do! We are all experienced teachers and communicators and active in the community. I have developed curriculum over the years, with excellence!

For the past 30+ years I have taught people who previously were being taught somewhere else. The trend seems to be that people go somewhere to take lessons that are very cheap...and reap the same....OR....they take lessons from a musician who may very well be a great performer, but lacking the skills and curriculum to impart the line upon line, precept upon precept that is necessary for a person to learn the new language of Music! Oftentimes people taking lessons get frustrated and discontinue. Sometimes they find out about us and wish they came to us in the first place!

Time after time I see people wasting lots of money on lessons, thinking they are getting a bargain, and in the end, just end up wasting all that time and money!

But...not with us. We are quality people who are happy with the daily assignment of imparting the joy of music to those who want to learn....and we do it with excellence!

This is not selling-hype...this is a mom telling other mom types, to either put us to the test by going elsewhere, getting frustrated, then coming here to us...or trust me and save all your time and money and call Music Orlando today!

Music Orlando Benefits:

• Better Grades In School • Music Learning Satisfaction Guaranteed
• Leadership Skills Developed • Improve Your Memory
• Cognitive Skills Enhanced • Perfect Balance of Science and Fun
• Accelerated Music Education • Beginners of All Ages
• Individual Private Classes • Maximize Your Music Appreciation
• Custom Designed Curriculum • Learn At Your Own Pace
• Increase Your Confidence • Classes Available 24/7
• Better Social Skills • Combined Lessons Discounts