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Music Orlando, serving Central Florida since 1987, is happy to provide lessons in Piano, Guitar, Voice and Drama.

Weddings are also our specialty, providing the Notary as well as live Background Music. If you are having a Special Event of any kind, you can book a Musician, Vocalist or a Master of Ceremonies with us!

Lessons are held in our Music Studio or we can come to your Home, which has made our Jingle very popular:

Music Lessons Don’t Have To Be A
Time…Traveling…Trafficking Chore!
Music Orlando Comes Right To Your Door!

We Are Quality People With User Friendly Communication Skills… We Make The Learning Process Fun And Understandable…Enriching You And Your Family!

Our Studio is located in Wedgefield, in East Orlando: 20804 Maxim Parkway, zip code 32833. Over 30 Years Of Experience Gives This Family Operated Business The Cutting Edge…Our References Are Our Calling Cards! We are uniquely gifted quality people and learning with us is easy and fun! Our curriculum and teaching methods are tired and true...and we guarantee that you will be pleased!

We teach beginners of all ages from 4 to 94...And we offer Senior Citizen Discounts!

All classes are offered Monday – Saturday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

A standard lesson is 1/2 hour and we also offer 1-hour lesson sessions, as well as lessons twice per week!

We ask our students to commit to practicing a minimum of 15 minutes per day. This commitment is not too overwhelming for today's busy lifestyle, and will insure the necessary moving forward to perfect their craft! Of course, once an interested student practices for 15 minutes...they always end up practicing for much more time!

For students (of all ages) whose lifestyles are too busy for a 15-minute per day commitment to practice, then we suggest taking a 1-hour session each week. This would be akin to a good workout each week, as like a weekly tennis lesson. This student would then be more apt to progress by participating in this vigorous practice each week.

Combination of lessons are also available...and popular. We can create a discount package that fits your family needs and budget.

We currently do not hold recital programs. Recitals put the emphasis on gearing up a student to perform... rather than learning at their own pace. We choose the non-recital route to purposefully orchestrate a stress free environment...and a relaxed self-motivated high achieving the future we plan to introduce an optional recital-track, for those that do enjoy performing!

Parents are invited to sit in during the lesson...or stay in the waiting area. We also welcome your visiting us at our studio to meet with us and/or introduce your children, as well as watch a lesson in progress.

We are looking forward to being involved in the enrichment of you and your family!

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A piano or a keyboard is required for practice. Over the years we have developed the best curriculum that combines teaching:

  • How to play the piano
  • To play/communicate each piece with notation/emotion
  • Music theory
  • Finger exercises/coordination
  • Singing while playing
  • Pedaling
  • Posture
  • Technique
  • Performance

We also have developed a Custom Piano Curriculum for 4-year olds!

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You will need a guitar, acoustic or electric. We sell and rent guitars. With over 30 years experience in teaching the guitar, Music Orlando has a custom made, tried and true curriculum that does not overwhelm or bedazzle the eager student!

Our curriculum teaches notes and chords, as well as music theory. It is laid out in a manner that builds precept upon precept so that the student does not move forward until he has mastered each new item. This lends toward the successful ability of playing the guitar, verses just knowing a little about it.

Once the student has reached a level of accomplishment determined by the teacher, we will recommend that he/she is now ready to continue their learning on-line, or with supplemental books on their own...or continue on with us for regular weekly workouts and challenges.

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Our voice lessons include:

  • Your voice as an instrument
  • Music Theory
  • Vocal exercises
  • Music dynamics
  • Speaking/diction
  • Vocal health
  • Singing Posture
  • Vocal Resonance
  • Breathing techniques
  • Classical pieces
  • Popular music pieces
  • Broadway pieces
  • Blocking
  • Phrasing
  • Singing with a microphone
  • Communication to your audience
  • Movement in Song
  • Repertoire development

Voice lessons will result in the student having a ballad and upbeat repertoire for performance or audition purposes. Classes also include instruction on auditions and how to break into the field of musical performance.

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Drama Coaching at Music Orlando will reap you many benefits:

You Will Improve:


You Will Gain:


You Will Explore:


You Will Conquer:


You Will Reduce:


Our dramatic arts classes will teach drama to the novice...or hone your present acting skills.

Curriculum includes:

  • Speaking
  • Communication
  • Facial expression
  • Stage presence
  • Body movement
  • Acting exercises
  • Script analysis
  • Diction
  • Script reading
  • Cold readings
  • Improvisation
  • Puppetry
  • Rhyming
  • Costumes
  • Theater history

Our classes will also instruct you how to get involved in community drama and prepare you with a repertoire for auditions. We will work with you on your selected pieces for an audition. Instruction also includes how to audition with success.

These classes are also recommended for business professionals interested in developing a higher level of speaking and presentation skills.

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Special Events

Call us To Book Live Background Music For Your Event! We Offer:

  • Wedding Notary
  • Pianist
  • Guitarist
  • Vocalist
  • Dramatist For Master Of Ceremonies, Emcee or Hosting Services

For Banquets, Parties, Corporate…Or Any Special Event!

Prices Start At $200/Per Event

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Additional Services

Guitar Summer Camp

Corporate Gift Certificiates

Recording Studio Facility – Record a Demo for $30.00/hour

Audition Preparation

Schedule a Live Piano Event

Wedding Packages, with Piano Music, Videographer and Officiating Notary

Classes offered in:

  • Pro Tools
  • Sequencing
  • Music Theory
  • Music Composition
  • Musical Theater
  • Music History
  • Music Appreciation

Ask us about our Custom Made Songs: Great for Special Events, Birthdays, Anniversary's...

For more information about our additional services, please contact us today!

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