Music Orlando piano guitar voice drama lessons


We constantly receive positive feedback, but don't take it from us. See what real students have to say! Also take some time to meet our talented staff.

Piano Students



"I like to take piano lessons because its fun and it
teaches me how to make music."

~ Brittney




"I really enjoy learning how to play the piano and I think that Mrs. Tiwari is a very good teacher."

~ Stanley



"Matthew has been taking piano lessons with Ms. Sandra for the past 6 months and I am very pleased with the progress he has made. He started out as a beginner and is now on his way to more advanced pieces. Ms. Sandra motivates him while building his self-esteem. She even calls him a musician, which he has declared to all the members of our family. I really appreciate the work, care and effort she puts into her piano lessons. ~ Matt's Mom



"I love taking piano lessons. I thought it would be hard, but it is so easy!"

~ Casey



"Learning how to play the piano is fun and I really like my teacher, Ms. Sandra."

~ Julianna




"Piano is fun!"

~ William



"I notice that since he started the lessons, he is more calm and concentrates more at school and home. He has developed more love of music and desires to be a musician. He is always making up songs!"

~ Matthew's Mom



Guitar Students



"I am very glad that I am able to take guitar lessons. Mrs. Tiwari is a great teacher!"

~ Dechla




"Taking guitar lessons is great. I plan to start up a band."

~ Kevin





"I've always wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar...and now I know. This is really cool!"

~ Melissa





"I think playing the guitar is a lot of fun. It's really cool.  Miss Sandra is nice and very helpful."

~ Michael





"I like music very much because it is very fun!"

~ Iolanda



"I love music classes because it is fun to sing!"

~ Bruna



Voice Students



"I have always wanted to take voice lessons...and now I am doing it! It is not easy, but it is better than I thought and I am having a lot of fun!"

~ Magali




"Aradhana has been my teacher for a few years now. There has been a remarkable increase in my skills...and she is an excellent teacher!"

~ Vijai




"I love Music and Singing!"

~ Kryssi



"Sony is very professional and he turns lesson time into fun learning for Joe. The lesson is done in our home, which is convenient for myself and provides a comfortable atmosphere for Joe. Joe truly looks forward to his lesson each week!"

~ Joe's Mom


Drama Students


"Singing and Acting is a whole lot of fun!"

~ Tia



"I'm not an actor, but I wanted to get rid of my fear of public speaking. Since I have begun Drama Coaching with Aradhana, presenting at work is a breeze!"

~ Bubba



"I enjoy Community Theater and taking Drama lessons from Music Orlando has helped me to do well on auditions!"

~ Rita




"I love to Sing and Act!"

~ Kaytie



"I really like doing Drama!"

~ Seleena









Sandra Tiwari




  • Teaching Music since 1965!
  • Actor and Feature Film Extra
  • Founder and Former President of the East Orlando Homeschool Association; Program Director for their Arts Division, to include Music and Drama
  • Writer, Producer and Director in Community Theater
  • Member of the Messiah Choral Society since 1994
  • Member of SMPS, Society for Marketing Professional Services
  • President of Music Orlando, Founded 1982: Piano, Voice, Guitar and Drama Instructor




Aradhana Tiwari




  • MA In Theater Arts from UCF
  • Award Winning Actor
  • Model, Actor and Singer in various venues since 1992
  • Writer, Producer and Director for Churches, Schools and Community Theater
  • Directing Affiliation with Orlando Fringe Festival
  • Director, Green Room Company, First Baptist Church of Orlando
  • Artistic Director of
  • Piano, Voice and Drama Instructor with Music Orlando since 1999




Sony Tiwari




  • MA in Music Education from New York University
  • BA in Music Composition and Conducting from Rollins College
  • Performed and composed musical compositions for concerts in China, Spain, and Italy
  • Award Winning Singer
  • Previous member of NYU Jazz Singers, Rollins Singers, and Bach Festival Choir
  • Community Theater Actor & Model since 1992
  • Member of PlayTheMoment Productions
  • Sound Design for Theatre
  • Musical Conductor
  • Co-founder of Realativity Music
  • Piano, Voice and Drama Instructor with Music Orlando since 2002